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Australia también introducirá leyes discriminatorias contra los hombres blancos

Posted by AMDG en 26/diciembre/2008

Por supuesto, no lo presentan así, sino como discriminación positiva a favor de las minorías.

Es una lástima, porque Australia era hasta ahora uno de los pocos países en los que no había entrado el virus de la corrección política, pero tras el reciente cambio de gobierno era de esperar que la cosa no tardara mucho. Y no ha tardado.

DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities.

Such positive discrimination — treating people differently in order to obtain equality for marginalised groups – is set to be legalised under planned changes to the Equal Opportunity Act foreshadowed last week by state Attorney-General Rob Hulls.

The laws are also expected to protect the rights of people with criminal records to get a job, as long as their past misdeeds are irrelevant to work being sought.

Obviamente. Ser hombre, blanco, heterosexual y respetuoso con la ley no sale a cuenta.

Australia To Introduce Racist Laws

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Australia: Bilal Skaf, cabecilla de una banda de violadores musulmanes se queja de que nunca podrá tener un juicio justo.

Posted by AMDG en 26/junio/2008

Su razonamiento es muy sencillo. Ya ha sido condenado por violación y su caso es conocido, así que los juicios sucesivos a que ha estado sometido no pueden ser imparciales. En el último de ellos, pidió reducción de sentencia porque su víctima no había recibido ningún daño significativo. Es legítimo imaginar que lo que le gustaría poder alegar es que, como la chica no llevaba el pelo cubierto, en realidad lo estaba pidiendo. De hecho, a una de sus víctimas le dijo “Te lo mereces, por ser Australiana”.

La banda de este individuo violó en varias ocasiones a jóvenes australianas. Planeaban sus crímenes en detalle, y llevaban a cabo sus violaciones con especial crueldad, como suele ser el caso de las violaciones en grupo.

La prensa progresista ha puesto el grito en el cielo, pero no por los delitos del mahometano, sino por la reacción de la “extrema derecha” que ha publicado una foto del pobre inmigrante con una pistola y un rifle.

The Poster Boy For Gang Rape

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Cada vez más restaurantes de fast-food venden comida halal

Posted by millenio en 5/enero/2007

Las grandes cadenas de comida fast-food están descubriendo la clientela de jóvenes musulmanes y ofrecen en sus cartas alimentos clasificados como «halal». La carne sacrificada a la manera musulmana ya es ofrecida por Mac Donalds en Gran Bretania, en USA y en Australia. También Pizza Hut, KFC y Burger King producen en cada vez más filiales alimentos «halal».

En europa hay cada vez más ofertas de productos «halal» y la edición de certificados que aseguran una forma «correcta» de producción islámica se ha transformado en un gran negocio. 

Noticia obtenida de aquí y aquí.

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Noticias desde Australia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 12/marzo/2006

The Courier-Mail: Brothers change rape plea to guilty [10mar06]

TWO Brisbane brothers already convicted this year of a brutal rape yesterday pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to a second vicious attack on a teenager. Afsheen Kashef Hussien, 26, and Azhar Zuhayr Hussien, 21, had pleaded not guilty in January to raping the 19-year-old, but yesterday changed their plea after learning their two accomplices would testify against them at trial.
The Hussien brothers were each convicted on their own confessions of one count of deprivation of liberty and 10 counts of rape, arising from the attack on February 13, 2005. Afsheen was also convicted of one count of stealing.
Earlier this week, brothers Zaak Imitiaz Ali, 22, and Zane Iftiaz Ali, 23, were sentenced to 8½ years’ jail after pleading guilty to the same offences, and were declared serious violent offenders.
Their sentences were reduced during closed court proceedings – subsequently made public yesterday – by Judge Warren Howell, because the men identified the Hussien brothers to police and were expected to give evidence against them at a trial set down for May.
The court was told that about 9.45pm on February 13 last year, Zaak Ali picked up the 19-year-old sex worker from Fortitude Valley and drove her to a Mt Coot-tha car park. The other three men, who had been hidden in the back of the van, revealed themselves and she was threatened with a screwdriver. An attempt to escape was thwarted.
The woman, who has since felt compelled to leave Brisbane, had been ordered to undress and repeatedly orally, vaginally and anally raped for more than an hour. She was dumped at another car park where the men told her they were «finished» with her.
Six months earlier the Hussien brothers had carried out a similar attack, while armed with a knife, on a 22-year-old woman at another Mt Coot-tha car park. They were convicted by a jury of six counts of rape after a trial in January.
Crown prosecutor Michael Byrne yesterday submitted the Hussien brothers were the main protagonists in «calculated and predatory» attacks and should be sentenced to 17 years’ jail. A serious violent offence declaration – requiring them to serve 80 per cent of their sentence – would be automatic for a term of more than 10 years’ jail. The court heard the strong Crown case against the men included DNA evidence, their conviction for the earlier attack and the testimony of the Ali brothers. […]

Como ya venimos diciendo aquí desde hace unos meses, los ataques sexuales de musulmanes contra no-musulmanas son demasiado frecuentes.

Hace poco también escribía AMDG que los musulmanes moderados no estaban colaborando en las pesquisas sobre el 7/J. Parece que los musulmanes moderados australianos tampoco lo están haciendo con los disturbios de Cronulla.

No Middle Eastern aid in riot suspects hunt – National –

POLICE have received «little or no information» from the Middle Eastern community in finding men who carried out reprisal attacks after the Cronulla riots.

Their comment comes after half the 20 suspected rioters whose photos were splashed across the media yesterday were identified and at least three men were charged. Two fathers called detectives from Strike Force Enoggera, set up to investigate the Cronulla race riot and revenge attacks, to report their sons after seeing images on television and in newspapers.
At least five of the 20 suspected Caucasian rioters came forward voluntarily, said the head of Enoggera, Detective Superintendent Ken McKay. The rest of the 10 were identified by members of the public and would be pursued, he said.

Superintendent McKay said it was pleasing that detectives had received «numerous phone calls from people saying that is so-and-so» after seeing the photos, but that he had received «little or no information» about revenge attackers of Middle Eastern extraction seen in two grainy videos. The Police Minister, Carl Scully, yesterday accused «Middle Eastern Australians» of harbouring «grubs» who «should be in jail».
But one leader, Keysar Trad, said the criticisms were unfair. «The community leaders don’t generally mix with the criminal element and we don’t recognise these people,» said Mr Trad, who heads the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia.
Police also renewed appeals for witnesses to the December 11 stabbing of a 23-year-old man at Woolooware Golf Club. He was repeatedly stabbed after an argument with a group of men of Middle Eastern appearance.

The Courier-Mail: Clerics urged to use English [09mar06]

ISLAMIC leaders should push Muslim clergy to preach in English, Australia’s Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has said. Mr Ruddock has told a London audience that Australia’s chief mufti, the Sydney-based cleric Sheik Taj el din al-Hilaly, who always uses a translator, actually spoke good English in private. «He does speak English, but he doesn’t feel confident . . . always speaking English to a broader audience,» Mr Ruddock said, adding that a language barrier was a problem with the community as a whole. Mr Ruddock, in London for high-level anti-terrorism talks, was told by British Islamic leaders that moves to make English the language of the mosque had come from within the British Muslim community. Moderate Muslims are fed up with fiery clerics railing in tongues that many inside the mosque and in the wider community do not understand.

CIVIL libertarians have said a proposal by the Federal Police chief to «de-program» terrorists is tantamount to torture, but Muslim groups say it may have merit.
Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty has said Indonesia is using a former Jemaah Islamiah leader, Malaysian-born Nasir bin Abbas, to help in the deprogramming of convicted terrorists. The cleric attempts to turn extremists to a more moderate faith and provides information on terrorist operations to Indonesian authorities.

The process is also understood to have been used in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Mr Keelty said the idea, which he likened to drug rehabilitation, has been raised at a policy level in Australia during talks about anti-terrorist control orders.

HT: A Western Heart: An Australian news roundup. An Australian news roundup (son dos posts diferentes con el mismo título)

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Al-Hilali asegura que pedirá la deportación de los clérigos radicales

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 6/marzo/2006

Australia’s Islamic spiritual leader has wrapped himself in the flag and promised to have Muslim extremists deported. Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali has been photographed in front of a picture of Mecca with an Australian flag draped around his shoulders for a story in The Australian newspaper.

Sheikh Hilali has criticised Prime Minister John Howard’s hand-picked Muslim advisory body as «stillborn».

But he told the newspaper he is planning to convene a meeting soon of the nation’s moderate and radical imams to discuss putting an end to Islamic extremism. «Those who agree with us (and become moderates) will be considered a part of our community,» Sheikh Hilali is quoted as saying.

«And those who don’t agree, I will personally report them to the relevant authorities and have them deported

I am picturing a few muslims standing around the good Sheikh at Sydney Airport, holding his arms for balance, while he leans back (they don’t kick like they used to), foot poised on the backside of some fire-brand jihadist, clutching a one way ticket out of Australia.

No está de acuerdo con las palabras de John Howard, pero va a denunciar a los que no son moderados y a pedir que sean deportados. Hmmm, este hombre va por el buen camino. Si lo cumple.
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La policía australiana arresta a más sospechosos de los disturbios de Cronulla

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 26/febrero/2006

Lo leo en A Western Heart:

«One of New South Wales’s most senior detectives has warned Cronulla’s rioters they have a week to come forward or face being hunted through the national media. Strike force Enoggera has already arrested 54 people in connection with the December 11 riot and the reprisals that followed. Enoggera boss Superintendent Ken McKay yesterday revealed he has another 50 in his sights. If they do not give themselves up in the next seven to 10 days, 25 of those will find their faces splashed across the national media. The blunt warning came after police announced 10 more arrests – seven yesterday in dawn raids across southwestern Sydney. These seven people of Middle Eastern appearance, aged 19 to 23, allegedly pelted police and ambulance officers with rocks and projectiles at Hashem’s car park in Brighton-le-Sands on the night of December 11. Supt McKay vowed those whose pictures will be released will be identified and arrested.

Pero los ataques no cesan:

«Two men are being questioned over an attack on a man in Melbourne’s CBD this morning. The men were arrested early this afternoon but have not been charged, police said. The alleged attack involved a group of men kicking an unconscious man, 26, as he lay in the gutter. A second man tried to intervene but the group then turned on him, police said. Doctors today operated on an injury to his hand. The first victim was taken from St Vincent’s Hospital by his parents before doctors could treat him, hospital spokesman Mike Griffin said. Mr Griffin said the victim was conscious when he arrived at hospital, but was believed to have been unconscious for two or three minutes during the attack. The attack happened on Elizabeth Street, south of Little Bourke Street, about 6am (AEDT) today. Members of the group were described by police as being of Middle-Eastern appearance and left the scene in a yellow car.

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John Howard critica el Islam

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 20/febrero/2006

El Presidente de Australia critica el Islam en su nuevo libro (via Australian Politics):

John Howard has strongly criticised aspects of Muslim culture, warning they pose an unprecedented challenge for Australia’s immigration program. While he remained confident that the overwhelming majority of Muslims would be successfully integrated, the Prime Minister said there were two unique problems that previous intakes of migrants from Europe and Asia did not have. «I do think there is this particular complication because there is a fragment which is utterly antagonistic to our kind of society, and that is a difficulty,» Mr Howard told The Australian. «You can’t find any equivalent in Italian, or Greek, or [Christian] Lebanese, or Chinese or Baltic immigration to Australia. There is no equivalent of raving on about jihad, but that is the major problem

The Prime Minister also expressed concern about Muslim attitudes to women. «I think some of the associated attitudes towards women (are) a problem,» he said. «For all the conservatism towards women and so forth within some of the Mediterranean cultures, it’s as nothing compared with some of the more extreme attitudes. «The second one of those things is a broader problem, but to be fair to them, it’s an attitude that is changing with the younger ones.»


Leedlo entero -sólo he puesto el principio- es muy interesante.

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Al-Qaeda en Australia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 17/febrero/2006

Así es: Al Qaeda inttentó reclutar a un blanco (o sea, «caucasiano»…) australiano como un «agente durmiente»


( – A court case in Australia has revealed that al Qaeda tried to recruit a Caucasian Australian as a «sleeper agent,» an allegation that focuses new attention on the risks posed by individuals who blend into Western societies while doing the bidding of terrorist masters abroad.

Joseph Thomas admitted to Australian police interrogators that an associate of Osama bin Laden, Khalid bin Attash, informed him the al Qaeda chief was interested in having «an Aussie … a white boy,» the Supreme Court in Melbourne was told. Prosecutor Nick Robinson said the conversation with bin Attash had taken place in Pakistan, where Thomas was staying at a safehouse after undergoing training at an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan called al-Farooq in mid-2001.

Thomas also admitted to police that he accepted $3,500 in cash and an air ticket from bin Attash to return to Australia, where he was asked to work for bin Laden and keep a watch on military installations.

Creo que no necesita comentarios…

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Detienen a dos hombres por los disturbios de Cronulla

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 10/febrero/2006

Two men have been charged over separate incidents of allegedly sending threatening emails to radio talkback hosts following the Cronulla riot. Detectives from Strike Force Enoggera, investigating the December riot and subsequent revenge attacks, today arrested a 19-year-old man during a raid on a home in McGirr Parade, Warwick Farm, during which they also seized a home computer. The man was taken to Liverpool police station and charged with using a carriage service (the email system) to make threats and a second offence of using a carriage service to menace, harass and offend. He was refused bail to appear at Liverpool Local Court later today.

A second man also was arrested today for allegedly sending threatening emails to another radio talkback host in December. The 21-year-old was arrested at his home in Emmet Street, Callala Bay, near Nowra and police also seized a computer for forensic examination. The man was taken to Nowra police station and charged with one offence of using a carriage service to threaten serious harm and a second offence of using a carriage service to menace, harass and offend. Police will allege the man sent two threatening emails from his home computer. He was granted conditional bail to appear at Nowra Local Court on March 13, 2006.

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¿Qué pasa con Gran Bretaña?

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 9/febrero/2006

De Relapsed
nos llega esta noticia que no puede decirse que diga mucho de la BBC::

«I was watching Boris Johnson’s BBC2 TV programme The Dream of Rome this evening, marvelling at his re-invention in yet another new guise as telly presenter, when I nearly fell out of my armchair having heard him say that the Christians who martyred themselves for their faith under the Romans were the equivalent of modern Islamic suicide bombers. What astounding moral illiteracy. The Christians were real martyrs; that is, they were killed, or sometimes actively sought their own killing, for their faith. The Islamic suicide bombers are mass murderers; they kill others for their faith. The Islamic suicide bombers use their bodies as lethal weapons to do mass murder. That is not martyrdom but homicide.
«Shouldn’t the Tories’ higher education spokesman know the difference?»
That this same fellow used to edit The Spectator of all things makes this particularly disheartening… If we can’t count self-proclaimed conservatives to know a little something about history, and about the dangers of glib cultural relativsm, where are we to look?

Pero es lo que bueno es que Boris Johnson (en la imagen) es una de las principales bazas de los conservadores ingleses. Aquí podeis encontrar su curriculum.

Informábamos hace poco de la manifestación que había tenido lugar en Londres en las que se llamaba a la matanza y el exterminio de los que «insultaran» o «calumniaran» al Islam y amenazando con el 11-S. Relacionado con la manifestación, A Western Heart tiene un post al respecto (noticia de The Telegraph):

Scotland Yard said a decision not to arrest protesters was taken because of public order fears. It confirmed that police had received more than 100 complaints from the public about the protesters’ behaviour.

On Friday 500 demonstrators marched from Regent’s Park Mosque to the Danish embassy in Knightsbridge to protest at the publication of «blasphemous» cartoons in a Danish newspaper, and subsequently in other countries and on the BBC. Yesterday, more than 1,000 demonstrators staged a second protest outside the embassy. The only arrests made were of two men found carrying cartoons of Mohammed. Police said they had been detained «to prevent a breach of the peace». On Friday police provided a motorcycle and helicopter escort for the protesters. Video cameras recorded the events.

The Tory call for action is in stark contrast to the response from Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, who blamed foreign newspapers for stirring up the row by publishing the cartoons. He said: «Re-publication of the cartoons has been unnecessary, it has been insensitive, it has been disrespectful and it has been wrongBut the Tories defended the right of editors to publish them. Dominic Grieve, the shadow attorney general, said: «From what we know about the cartoons it is understandable that they have caused offence. «However, the decision as to whether to publish or not is one of taste and decency that should rightly be taken by newspaper editors, broadcasters and their owners and is not one for government….

As the clamour for action grew, police sources said there were no arrests on Friday because of fears of a riot. A senior Scotland Yard officer said: «We have to take the overall nature of the protesters into account. If they are overheated and emotional we don’t go in…..

¡¡¡No se detuvo a los manifestantes pero sí a dos que llevaban unas caricaturas de Mahoma, porque podía haber una «ruptura de la paz»!!! Y no detuvieron a los de la manifestación, ¡¡¡porque tenían miedo de que se produjera un disturbio!!! Me quedo anonadada…

Este mismo blog también habla de distintas opiniones sobre las caricaturas:

Denmark’s role in pioneering and promoting «alternative» energy technology would for conspiracy theorists be an additional motive for Saudi bullying (lots of Danish electricity demand is supplied by wind energy).

Así que además de la razón de Irán puede haber algo más. Puede ser que se hayan dado cuenta de que en poco tiempo puede ser historia la energía procedente del petróleo (hasta Francia se ha dado cuenta… -al final de este enlace)

Note that South Park has portrayed Mohammed in it’s episode Super Best Friends recently. South Park has been accused of defiling the «virgin» Mary as recently as December 2005 but there have been no burnings of US embassies by outraged Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans.

South Park ha catalogado a Mahoma en su episodio Super Best Friends y, sin embargo, profana a la Viergen María. Otros como El Jueves.

British police need political authorization to act against Muslim lawbreakers: «Protesters who carried placards at the weekend demonstrations in London calling for the beheading of people who insulted Islam, and who shouted terrorist slogans, could be prosecuted for incitement to murder, government sources said yesterday. Charles Clarke, Downing Street and other ministers sent out strong signals to the police and prosecuting authorities to take appropriate action against the demonstrators. Ministers and opposition politicians refrained from joining criticism of the police for failing to arrest people on the spot in the protests at the Danish cartoons. But, while insisting that they would not interfere with the operational independence of the police, they left the authorities in no doubt that they expected action to be taken».

Y aquí se nos dice que la policía británica, no sólo arresta a pacíficos viandantes, si no que además necesita autorización política para actuar contra los infractores musulmanes…

Keith Burgess Jackson comments on Childish Leftists : «I got to wondering what leftist intellectuals think about the violence being perpetrated by Muslims in various parts of the world. After all, leftists profess to care about people. Won’t they condemn it in no uncertain terms? Brian Leiter has five guest-bloggers, any one of whom could post something about the violence. Alas, nobody has. William Edmundson, Ph.D., J.D., has a really neat post about the Super Bowl and beer. I went to Crooked Timber. I found only one post, and I don’t know what to make of it. I read the hundred or so comments. Perhaps I’m not getting it, but most of the commenters seem to think the violence is funny. Either that or they’re using humor to evade responsibility. Many leftists don’t know what to make of the Muslim violence. To condemn it would be to take a stand, and that seems so, well, grown-up and old-fashioned. The violence can’t be blamed on President Bush, or you can be sure the Left would be all over this issue. Leftists hate Christianity, since they view it as an oppressor religion, but they refuse to say anything even remotely critical about Islam or Muslims, perhaps because that would make them (the critics) seem imperialistic. Better to joke about the violence. Better to retreat into irony and sarcasm. To take a stand would require careful thought and moral backbone, neither of which is conspicuous by its presence among leftists.[…]

Como veis, los «progres» son iguales en todos los sitios. Los bloggers progres prácticamente no han posteado nada sobre el tema y los comentarios que la gente deja parecen calificar a la violencia como «divertida». No se le puede echarle la culpa a Bush y los progres odian al Cristianismo, porque lo ven como una religión opresora, pero no quieren decir nada que sea remotamente crítico con el Islam o los muuslmanes porque eso les parece imperialista.

Newslinker asks: Why isn’t anyone talking about what Islamists did to images of Budda back in 2001? No Buddhists firebombed or beheaded people in retaliation of the desecration of images of their guru? FLASHBACK from March 2001: «Ignoring an international outcry, Afghanistan’s puritanical Taliban Islamic militia began demolishing statues across the country on Thursday, including two towering ancient stone Buddhas».

Y se pregunta por qué nadie se acuerda de la destrucción de los Budas de Afganistán por los talibanes. Ningún budista puso bombas o cortó la cabeza en venganza por su destrucción.

Chris Brand hace referencia a otra noticia aparecida en The Guardian:

{An imam at the Omari Mosque in Gaza City told 9,000 worshippers that the people behind the drawings should have their heads cut off. ‘If they want a war of religions, we are ready,’ Hassan Sharaf, an imam in Nablus, said in his sermon. In Ramallah, protesters burnt a Danish flag, chanting: ‘Bin Laden our beloved, Denmark must be blown up.’ 6th February brought Muslim-on-Muslim killing as Afghan police fired on crowds of thousands of enraged religionists, of whom four died.}

{The Muslim protests were highly ironical, partly in using so much violence to contest their religion being portrayed as violent, and partly because Islam is a clear world leader in violence against other faiths – having from 1998 to 2003 killed 10,000 Christians in Indonesia alone and destroyed ancient Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan.}

Recomiendo leer un artículo de ABC sobre la cuestión.

Un periódico australiano también ha publicado las caricaturas (via Australian Politics):

Premier Peter Beattie has strongly supported freedom of speech after a second Queensland newspaper published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin today joined Brisbane’s Courier-Mail in publishing one of 12 cartoons first printed in Denmark and which have sparked a violent backlash across the Muslim world. Any depiction of Mohammed is considered blasphemous and banned in Arab countries, although not in some non-Arab Islamic countries. But Mr Beattie said he felt strongly about freedom of the press in Australia. «I strongly support their right to publish these cartoons,» Mr Beattie said. «For someone who is committed to multiculturalism, I just say to our Muslim community with whom I have a good relationship, that our way, the Australian way is the right to freedom of expression and the right to be critical in a cynical way and that is the strength of our democracy. «Nobody is off limits. I am not off limits. Jesus Christ is not off limits. No one’s off limits and we all know that.» Mr Beattie, himself the subject of many a cartoonist’s barbed hand, said he had often seen anti-Christian depictions printed in the press.

Y el Premier Peter Beattie ha apoyado la libertad de expresión después de que un segundo periódico de Queensland publicara las caricaturas del Profeta Mahoma. «Apoyo fuertemente su derecho a publicar las caricaturas. Para alguien que está comprometido con el multiculturalismo, digo a nuestra comunidad musulmana con la que tengo muy buena relación que nuestra forma, la forma australiana es que el derecho a la libertad de expresión y el derecho a ser crítico de una manera cínica es la fortaleza de la democracia».

Y lo dice un defensor del multiculturalismo. Las vueltas que da la vida. ¡Qué diferencia con Moratinos!

El ministro de Exteriores, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, ha afirmado lo «necesaria y urgente» que es la aplicación de la Alianza de Civilizaciones durante la sesión de control al Gobierno en el pleno del Senado, en respuesta a una pregunta del senador socialista José Castro Rabadán, sobre la valoración del Ejecutivo de la reunión del grupo de alto nivel de la denominada «Alianza de las Civilizaciones» celebrada en Mallorca el pasado mes de noviembre.
El titular de Asuntos Exteriores ha comentado que «estos días estamos viviendo una crisis importante de entendimiento y comprensión entre el mundo occidental y el mundo árabe musulmán», y por ello «hoy más que nunca se hace necesaria y urgente la aplicación de la Alianza de Civilizaciones» propuesta por el presidente del Gobierno, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, ante la Asamblea General de la ONU. Ha señalado que este año se producirán tres nuevas reuniones formales de alto nivel –la próxima, en Qatar entre el 26 y el 28 de febrero– y habrá otros encuentros «sectoriales», incluida una propuesta de la Presidencia austriaca de la UE para que se celebre en Viena una reunión sobre la situación del diálogo de civilizaciones en Europa.

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Más violencia en Australia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 24/enero/2006

Four swimming pool staff have been beaten in an attack in Melbourne’s north. Stunned witnesses said about 30 youths had punched and kicked staff, including a young woman, on the grass at Oak Park Aquatic Centre about 4pm yesterday. One witness, Alex, said families had recoiled in horror at the bashings. «I’ve never seen anything like it,» Alex said. «I thought, ‘Not another Cronulla’. «There seemed to be dozens of people involved, with most wading into the staff and people trying to help them. «They all appeared to be Middle-Eastern youths. «It was very upsetting and scary. There were hysterical children everywhere.» […]

Mr Burt said that amid «blows to the back of the head and around the face», the staff had been driven into the pool’s reception area. He said the attack had continued until police arrived. The staff, including one who suffered a smashed cheek, had been taken to hospital for treatment.

4 socorristas han sido golpeados en una piscina en el norte de Melbourne. Los asombrados testigos dijeron que unos 30 «jóvenes» había pegado y dado patadas a los trabajadores, incluyendo una mujer, en el césped de Oak Park Avenue sobre las 4 de la tarde de ayer [por el día 21 de enero -sábado-]. «Nunca he visto nada como esto«, dijo Alex, un testigo, «No otro Cronulla», pensé, había muchas personas involucradas, con mucha gente intentando ayudarles. Parecían todos jóvenes del Oriente Medio. Fue muy triste y terrorífico. Habían niños histéricos por todos los sitios«.
Sr. Burt [el jefe de ocio en el Consejo de Moreland, que dirige la piscina] dijo que entre «golpes en la cabeza y por toda la cara«, el personal había sido llevado al área de recepción. Dijo que el ataque había continuado hasta que la policía llegó. El personal, incluyendo uno que tiene una mejilla rota, han sido llevados al hospital para tratamiento.
Me da que las medidas de multiculturalismo tales como (link in English) hijabs azules o camisas amplias para las musulmanas (también turbantes para los Sijs…) que trabajen en la policía (como dice E-tribesmen (link in English), «los partidarios del multiculturalismo tienen problemas con la noción de uniforme«) no van a calmar a los musulmanes en un país en el que las tensiones con ellos aumentan día tras día (ver 1, 2 y 3).
Por cierto, en Australia ahora están en verano y hace un sol espléndido. Aunque no creo que estén encantados con la idea de que un día de playa o de piscina se convierta en esto.

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