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Al-Hilali asegura que pedirá la deportación de los clérigos radicales

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 6/marzo/2006

Australia’s Islamic spiritual leader has wrapped himself in the flag and promised to have Muslim extremists deported. Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali has been photographed in front of a picture of Mecca with an Australian flag draped around his shoulders for a story in The Australian newspaper.

Sheikh Hilali has criticised Prime Minister John Howard’s hand-picked Muslim advisory body as «stillborn».

But he told the newspaper he is planning to convene a meeting soon of the nation’s moderate and radical imams to discuss putting an end to Islamic extremism. «Those who agree with us (and become moderates) will be considered a part of our community,» Sheikh Hilali is quoted as saying.

«And those who don’t agree, I will personally report them to the relevant authorities and have them deported

I am picturing a few muslims standing around the good Sheikh at Sydney Airport, holding his arms for balance, while he leans back (they don’t kick like they used to), foot poised on the backside of some fire-brand jihadist, clutching a one way ticket out of Australia.

No está de acuerdo con las palabras de John Howard, pero va a denunciar a los que no son moderados y a pedir que sean deportados. Hmmm, este hombre va por el buen camino. Si lo cumple.
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  1. Franze said

    Esto es más bien un ejercicio de taquiyah, esperemos acontecimientos

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