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Al-Qaeda en Australia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 17/febrero/2006

Así es: Al Qaeda inttentó reclutar a un blanco (o sea, «caucasiano»…) australiano como un «agente durmiente»


( – A court case in Australia has revealed that al Qaeda tried to recruit a Caucasian Australian as a «sleeper agent,» an allegation that focuses new attention on the risks posed by individuals who blend into Western societies while doing the bidding of terrorist masters abroad.

Joseph Thomas admitted to Australian police interrogators that an associate of Osama bin Laden, Khalid bin Attash, informed him the al Qaeda chief was interested in having «an Aussie … a white boy,» the Supreme Court in Melbourne was told. Prosecutor Nick Robinson said the conversation with bin Attash had taken place in Pakistan, where Thomas was staying at a safehouse after undergoing training at an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan called al-Farooq in mid-2001.

Thomas also admitted to police that he accepted $3,500 in cash and an air ticket from bin Attash to return to Australia, where he was asked to work for bin Laden and keep a watch on military installations.

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  1. mankydown said

    Are U obsested with Bush? Maybe Al is a lie!

  2. Obsessed with Bush? What do you mean? And what is AI?

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