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EE. UU. tiene tantas reservas de petróleo en pizarras bituminosas como Oriente Medio

Posted by AMDG en 21/diciembre/2008

Actualmente se puede extraer petróleo de ellas a un coste de 40 dólares el barril:

In the late 70s and early 80s, oil shale extraction was water intensive. It required the mined shale to be turned into a slurry before the refining process to remove soil, etc. At that time, costs ran about $40 per barrel of oil from shale – which would boost a refined product like gasoline from shale to around $1.50 – 1.75 per gallon.

The technology that would be used today liquifies the oil locked in the shale by the use of heaters. Several holes would be drilled in a designated area and the heaters inserted. The oil is liquified and pumped to the surface by “grasshopper” pumps. With this method, there’s no mining and no worry of ground subsidence. Cost wise and emissions wise, it’s on par with any other oil field development using grasshoppers.

The amount of oil locked in shale is estimated to be nearly 1 trillion barrels, which is more than the proven reserves in the entire Middle East, before development, in the 1930s. The recovery rate using the heater technology is estimated to be around 80%, or 800 billion barrels of crude.

¿Por qué no se hace? Porque los Demócratas insisten en prolongar una moratoria que pesa sobre su extracción.

Sneaky Harry Reid Oil Shale Update


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