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Marruecos convoca por sorpresa a los imanes marroquíes en Holanda, el 25% de ellos acuden prestamente

Posted by AMDG en 5/noviembre/2008

Invitados directamente por Rabat, se fueron sin avisar a los consejos de sus mezquitas. El parlamento holandés quiere que Marruecos se explique por esta convocatoria sorpresiva, pues lo consideran una interferencia (Netherlands: Imams recalled to Morocco).

Trouw reports that parliament wants an explanation for the sudden recall to Morocco of 50 imams, who were summoned to take part in ‘religious talks’.

Labour MP Jeroen Dijsselbloem is concerned about the sudden departure of the clergymen. «I’m told they were recalled for instruction. It is unacceptable Morocco should interfere with Moroccans in the Netherlands this way. Many Moroccans don’t want this at all, they want integration.»

Christian Democratic MP Madeleine van Toorenburg says:  «This is once again proof that the Moroccan government is wrapping its tentacles around the Moroccan community in the Netherlands.»

Director Farid Azarkan of the Association of Moroccans in the Netherlands says the Moroccan authorities have been increasingly interfering with the affairs of mosques in the Netherlands.

Azarkan says the situation is bizarre and unacceptable. «The imams are paid by the mosques, and yet the influence of Morocco is so strong that the imams immediately pack their backs when recalled by Rabat.  Some of them only go because they are afraid.»

In February, the Moroccan foreign ministry announced it wanted to increase its influence on Moroccan migrant communities abroad, and created a council for overseas religious affairs.

Deberíamos tomar nota: los marroquíes, aun con pasaporte español, mostrarán siempre más lealtad al Comendador de los Creyentes que a España. No habría que decirlo: darles pasaportes es una irresponsabilidad.

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