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Gaza: Hamas ha ejecutado a 35 miembros de al Fatah y disparado en las piernas a otros 75 tras acusarles de “colaboracionistas”

Posted by AMDG en 14/enero/2009

Este es el tipo de noticias difícil de encontrar en la prensa europea.

According to the Jerusalem Post, since the beginning of the Israeli offensive, more than 75 Gaza Palestinians have been shot in the legs or have had their hands broken; more than 35 have been executed by Hamas operatives who accuse them of being Israeli «collaborators.» Of course, Gaza is not teeming with Israeli spies and most of Hamas’s victims are not only not traitors but likely helped vote the terrorist group into power in the January 2006 legislative elections. Instead, Hamas’s campaign of homegrown terror is the latest example of the terrorists turning on their Palestinian compatriots – a brutal but seldom-discussed cycle of violence in which Palestinians emerge as their own worst enemy.

Hamas Moves on Fattah…….

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Los gobiernos árabes no quieren saber nada de Hamas. Hay más manifestaciones pro-palestinas en Europa que en Oriente Medio

Posted by AMDG en 14/enero/2009

Conocen bien el paño y temen realmente más a Hamas -popular entre las masas- que a los judíos:

It seems that Arab states and governments are secretly relieved that Israel is waging war against Hamas and may well destroy that group’s ability. In some cases the opposition to Hamas and the support for Israel have not been all that secret. Well, colour me surprised. After all, anyone with half a brain would have realized some time ago that despite the rhetoric Arab states, rich or poor, give very little support to their Palestinian brethren and tend to urge them to ever greater suicidal missions.

Nor have the pictures of demonstrations in the Middle East shown enormous crowds; not if one compares numbers to demonstrations when something really important happens like the bread riots in Egypt last spring.

Pues sí, hay más manifestaciones pro-palestinas en Europa que en Oriente Medio

Gosh, what a surprise!

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Opus Prima. Nuevo blog para el blogroll

Posted by AMDG en 14/enero/2009

Lo acabo de conocer por un enlace que me ha puesto el autor.

No os digo nada, dadle un vistazo.

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