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La «policia comunitaria» resuelve un caso cada cuatro años y pone una multa cada cuatro meses…

Posted by AMDG en 5/enero/2009

Se trata de los simpáticos «policías de barrio multicultural» que se supone favorecerían la integración y ayudaría a reducir el crimen. Sí, sí:

Police community support officers solve less than one crime every four years and only hand out a fine every eight months, figures reveal.

Several forces have admitted that their squads of ‘plastic police’ failed to clear up a single crime or give out even one fixed-penalty notice during the past year.

Leaders of rank-and-file police officers said the findings proved that PCSOs are ineffective and do little to tackle the low-level offences and anti-social behaviour that they were brought in to deal with.

UK: The Blunkett Bobbies Who Solve Just One Crime Every Four Years

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