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Los EE. UU. financiaron el islamismo en las republicas ex–soviéticas de Asia Central

Posted by AMDG en 7/noviembre/2008

Los EE. UU. financiaron al movimiento panturco del imán islamista Fethullah Gülen para evitar la influencia de Irán y China sobre las republicas ex-soviéticas de Asia Central,. Sin embargo, ahora tienen al imán predicando en los EE. UU.:

After the Soviet Union collapsed, the super powers began to fight over Central Asia’s oil and gas wealth, as well as the geopolitics of the region. The U.S. did not want Iran to have control over the Central Asian republics. The U.S. knew that it could not easily have access to the region; therefore, it used the movement of a Turkish Islamic imam, Fethullah Gülen as a perfect proxy to gain control quickly and effectively because Turkey shared the same history, culture and religion with Central Asians. However, this odd but fortuitous relationship made it easy for Gülen later to have entry into America. The U.S. used Gulen’s movement by comparing what it perceived to be a bigger threat to a lesser threat. Rather than standing by for a radical Islamic group to infiltrate Central Asia in the vacuum left by the Soviets, the U.S. choose to support Gulen’s missionaries who were armed with Turkish Sufism. Similarly, the U.S. reasoned that allowing the CIA to support Osama Bin Laden to defeat the Soviet troops in Afghanistan in1979, would ensure the defeat of the Russians.

Es un caso similar al de los talibanes en Afganistán. Los apoyaron para que lucharan contra los comunistas rusos

De aquí: Turkish Muslim Missionaries Plan to Take America


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