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Turquía: Empieza la temporada de las peleas de camellos (VIDEO)

Posted by AMDG en 10/octubre/2008

La lucha consiste en esto: se cogen dos machos, se les pone delante una atractiva camella en celo…:

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, SEPTEMBER 24 – Traditional camel wrestling, held in the Western Turkey city of Aydin since 200 years, will begin the new season on November 30, Turkish Daily News writes. Income from the fights, held in special arenas created by municipality supported provinces, will be spent on social support initiatives such as the restoration of mosques and schools and for the benefit of local sports clubs. A reasonable share of the revenue will be given to the Aydin Society for the Preservation of Animal Rights. Camel wrestling is an event in which two male camels fight in response to a female camel in heat left in front them. (ANSAmed).

No cuentan si el camello ganador se cobra el premio en el momento. Aquí hay un vídeo del evento:

Turkey: Camel Wrestling Season Opens


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