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El predicador radical de la padre de la bailarina striper se casa estrena mujer más joven que su hija

Posted by AMDG en 10/octubre/2008

Los valores familiares del islam…

Tiene 50, su primera mujer 48. Le hizo 6 hijos. Fue deportado a Líbano por predicar la muerte al infiel, pero su mujer no se adaptaba a un ambiente tan opresivo (no podía usar maquillaje ni vestirse a gusto…), así que se volvió a Inglaterra, donde se ha casado con un tendero paquistaní:

Bakri necesitaba una hembra en casa, así que se ha encontrado una belleza local libanaesa de 26 años, yuno menos que la hija que baila en la barra ligera de ropa.

The tubby Muslim extremist dumped 48-year-old Hanah for a Lebanese beauty called Ruba, 26.

Frustrated Bakri, 50, declared: “I must have a woman!” after Hanah — the mother of his six children — refused to stay with him in exile in Lebanon.

Now strict Muslim Ruba has shacked up with the bile-monger and his ten-year-old son Bilal at his luxury home in a suburb of Beirut.

A source in Lebanon said yesterday: “Omar’s wife (Hanah) came out to stay with him after he was first kicked out of Britain but she couldn’t cope. She complained that she had no freedom and couldn’t go anywhere without her husband.

“In Britain she was able to go shopping with friends and family and wear make-up and nice clothes in private. But it was different in Beirut because Omar observed a much more conservative lifestyle.

“They ended up having furious rows, with her saying she couldn’t bear living like a prisoner.

“He said, ‘Go back to England then and live your little life on income support’. She did as he wished and never came back — and now he’s got a younger model.”

Ejemplar. Aquí cuentan que su hija -a la que el predicador le pagó la operación de pectorales (4000 libras)- está mas salida que el pitorro de un botijo: My wild romps with Bakri girl


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