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Tres lecturas sobre las raíces judeotroskistas del neoconservadurismo

Posted by AMDG en 12/mayo/2008

Dos en español: Orígenes y fundamentos marxistas del neoconservadurismo y El supuesto anticomunismo de los neocones. Hace referencias a las raíces judías del neoconservadurismo. Y una en inglés: What I Believe: Washington as Dangerous as Brussels. Tiene este párrafo interesante:

The Right in those countries is simply in favour of big business and turbo-capitalism which, as Chesterton said, is simply a way of centralising power (and capital) on a par with Communism. In America, the link to the arms industry is particularly worrying, since of course the arms industry entertains a particularly close relationship with the state. The Right in America under George Bush has become statist both in the sense that it believes in ever greater defence spending, and also in the fact that it bases American national identity on the country’s military in a way reminiscent of Germany-Prussia in the late 19th and early 20th century.

To put it briefly, neo-conservatism is a profoundly revolutionary ideology which betrays all the characteristics I, as a Catholic and a conservative, hate most. It is militaristic and millenarian; it is moralistic and Manichean; it is revolutionary and ruthless. Not only does it have its roots in Trostkyism (Irving Kristol boasted in 1983 that he was still proud of having joined the Fourth International, two years after Trotsky founded it); it remains an overtly revolutionary force with all the potential for wreaking havoc which many other revolutionary movements in history have displayed. Until that ideology is destroyed, until the stranglehold which the military-industrial complex has over the political class in America, and until a counter-weight to American hegemony emerges which permits the re-emergence of a multi-polar world order and the balance of power, the world will never be at peace.

No solo se trata de Rajoy, la derecha en general ha dejado de ser conservadora, aunque muchos de sus votantes no se han dado cuenta aún. Es un grandísimo drama.

3 comentarios to “Tres lecturas sobre las raíces judeotroskistas del neoconservadurismo”

  1. inxs5000 said

    “the world will never be at peace”

    ¿Cuándo lo ha estado?

  2. AMDG said

    Los neocones tienen un concepto mesiánico de la historia: la historia tendrá una una etapa final en que veremos el triunfo de la market democracy, para ello son necesarias algunas guerras.

    Eso no es ideología conservadora, sino marxista.

  3. Lukacks said

    Creo que lo que te pasa es que tú crees que la derecha ha sido alguna vez tradicional. La derecha es la otra cara del sistema, pero no es antisistema.

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