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Amenazas de muerte para los signatarios del manifiesto

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 15/marzo/2006

De Agora (gracias por el aviso)

Death Threat against signers of Manifesto
By Jørgen Ullerup, Correspondent to Jyllands-Posten
Warning against Islamic totalitarianism brings death threats. On a website an Islamic group has made death threats against the 12 intellectuals, including Salman Rushdie, who recently signed a Manifesto against Islamic Totalitarianism.
According to one of the signers, the French writer Caroline Fourest, the threat was made this Saturday on the website It mentions a who’s who guide and a list of targets scheduled for termination. The group urges its adherents to take their time but says it should happen soon. It adds that it isn’t necessary to first have a Fatwa from a religious leader, such as the one Ayatollah Khomeini issued in 1989 against Salman Rushdie’s life for having offended the religion. “The threat is simply not acceptable. Our Manifesto urges to resistance by means of ideas. But the Islamists have answered with threats of violence. A proof – if such was necessary – of their rejection of democratic debate and of their totalitarianism,” Caroline Fourest says. She adds that the Manifesto isn’t against Islam but against Islamism and the Islamists’ using the religion political to oppress, for example, Freedom of Speech. She emphasises that the signers will not be subdued by threats.

«Incluye una guía de quién es quién y una lista de objetivos con fecha de caducidad. El grupo urge a sus adherentes a tomarse su tiempo pero dice que psará pronto. Añade que no es necesario que primero exista una fatwa de un líder religioso». Hmm, y todavía hay gente que dice que son iguales que los cristianos… Qué buena (o mala) es la ignorancia.

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UPDATE: La amenaza está en este post de LGF.

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