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Algunos apuntes sobre el asesinato de Ilan Halimi

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 9/marzo/2006

De todas las cosas que más han sorprendido del caso Halimi, sin duda hay una que choca más que las demás y es el silencio de Israel al respecto. Cita Tel-Chai Nation un artículo en el que se dice lo siguiente:

In addition to the exterminationist anti-Semitism of Ilan’s murderers and the unwillingness of the French authorities to acknowledge the anti-Semitic nature of the crime until it was too late, there is one more aspect of the case that bears note. That is Israel’s reaction to the atrocity. In short, there has been absolutely no official Israeli reaction to the abduction, torture and murder of a Jew in France by a predominantly Muslim terrorist gang that kidnapped, tortured and murdered him because he was a Jew.No Israeli government minister, official or spokesman has condemned his murder. No Israeli official has demanded that the French authorities investigate why the police refused to take anti-Semitism into account during Ilan’s captivity. No Israeli official flew to Paris to participate in Ilan’s funeral or any other memorial or demonstration in his memory. The Foreign Ministry’s Web site makes no mention of his murder. The Israeli Embassy in Paris – which has been without an ambassador for the past several months – only publicly expressed its condolences to the Halimi family on February 23, 10 days after Ilan was found. This, when the French Jewish community considers Halimi’s murder to have been the greatest calamity to have befallen it in recent years; when aliya rates rose 25% last year; and when Ilan’s mother has told reporters that her son had planned to make aliya soon and was just staying in France to save money to finance his move to Israel. For its part, as Michelle Mazel pointed out in The Jerusalem Post yesterday, the French press has noted that the Israeli media has not given the story prominent coverage. Halimi’s murder has not appeared on the front pages of the papers or at the top of the television or radio broadcasts.Although appalling, the absence of an official Israeli outcry against Halimi’s murder is not the least surprising. Today, the unelected Kadima interim government, like the Israeli media, is doing everything in its power to lull the Israeli people into complacency towards the storm of war raging around us. Against the daily barrages of Kassam rockets on southern Israel; nervous reports of al-Qaida setting up shop in Judea, Samaria and Gaza; the ascension of Hamas to power in the Palestinian Authority; and Iran’s threats of nuclear annihilation, Israel’s citizenry, under the spell of Kadima and the media, appears intent on ignoring the dangers and pretending that what happens to Jews in France has nothing to do with us.

Pero como ya apunté en otro post anterior, otros dos crímenes anteriores son muy semejantes. De Militant Islam Monitor :

In the past two years an American and a French Jew were murdered by a Muslim who slit their throats in a ritual killing which are reminiscent of the practices of a shadowy group called Tafkir Al Hijah. Theo van Gogh’s killer, Mohammed Bouyeri is also suspected of being an adherent of this group, as was Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers. The Van Gogh case has been classified as an act of terrorism and 13 Islamists were arrested in the days following the murder, who were linked to an international terrorist network called the ‘Hofstad Groep’ (Capital City Group).

Tthe killings of the two Jewish men by Muslims who slit there throats in a premeditated yet seemingly ‘motiveless’ crime .The murders of Ariel Sellouk of Houston and Sebastian Selam of Paris, were classified as criminal acts. What is striking about the case in Houston is that both the prosecutor and defense lawyer admit to having no clue as to the motive. Sebastian’s Selam’s murderer was labelled “crazy’ and the murder was ascribed to the jealousy of the Muslim killer over Selam’s sucess as a popular disc jockey. In both cases the men had been on friendly terms with their killers and were lured to their deaths, never believing that the person with whom they had socialised with would savagely turn on them with knives and slit their throats nearly decapitating them. The murders of Ariel Sellouk and Sebastian Selam bear all the hallmarks of Takfir Wal Hijrah. The question remains as to if authorities either did not ask the right questions, or did not want to deal with the fallout which would have resulted if the murders of Ariel Sellouk and Sebastian Selam were labelled terrorist attacks. The fact that ‘ticking time bombs’ are walking around in the form of young Arab males ready to ‘go off’ without warning is something which must be investigated if more ritual killings like that of Theo van Gogh , Ariel Sellouk and Sebastian Selam are to be prevented.

Y aquí las circunstancias de las muertes de ambos:

Ariel Sellouk : The victim was a Jew, slaughtered in a Houston apartment, his throat slit so deftly with a 6-inch butterfly knife that he was nearly decapitated. The killer was an Arab, a newly minted religious Muslim and the son of a millionaire Saudi businessman. He had been bailed out of trouble by the Saudi consulate after previous scrapes with the law, and in the hours after the slaying, authorities said, he plotted to flee to his homeland. Alayed severed his relationship with Sellouk about the same time that he underwent a religious awakening and became an observant Muslim. It is entirely possible that the real motive behind the murder of Ariel Sellouk will never be known. ( También en Free Republic ).

Es preciso darse cuenta de que el asesino era hijo de un millonario saudí, o sea precisamente dinero no le faltaba

Sebastian Sellam , 23, was a popular disc jockey at a hot Parisian night club called Queen. At about 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday November 19, the young man known as DJ Lam C (a reverse play on his surname) left the apartment he shared with his parents in a modest building in of Paris’ 10th la Place Colonel Fabien, heading to work as usua. In the underground parking lot, a Muslim neighbor slit Sellam’s throat twice, according to the Rosenpress interview. His face was completely mutilated with a fork. Even his eyes were gouged out. (también aquí). “He said he killed a Jew “, the mother of Selam said. “it’s Allah who wanted him to do it. He had no regrets, no shame, nothing to hide. This is the official statement he made. It’s in the file”.

La pregunta que surge es: ¿está el caso de Ilan relacionado con los disturbios de octubre y noviembre pasado? ¿se han investigado lo suficiente las conexiones entre el grupo “The Barbarians” que asesinó a Ilan y Hamas, de quien se encontró documentación en el piso que ocupaban?Como bien se dice arriba, es necesario investigar bien estos crímenes, si queremos prevenir los futuros.

UPDATE/ACTUALIZACIÓN: A través de Atlas Shrugs me entero de más detalles:

…In the days since the dying Halimi was discovered, some journalists have been making ugly discoveries. The gang of thugs (they called themselves “the Barbarians”) had sequestered the young man in an apartment that had been rented by the doorman of the building. The doorman knew what had been happening but did nothing. Many other residents in the building had heard a man screaming, but had decided to mind their own business instead of calling for help, even anonymously. “When you live here, you think about yourself and only about yourself,” one of them said.

The screams must have been loud because the torture was especially atrocious: the thugs cut bits off the flesh of the young man, they cut his fingers and ears, they burned him with acid, and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire.


Los gritos debieron ser altos porque la tortura fue espacialmente atroz: los matones cortaron trozos de carne del joven, le cortaron los dedos y las orejas, le quemaron con ácido y al final le echaron un líquido inflamable y le prendieron fuego.

Creo que no es necesario comentarlo.

Del Jerusalem Post :

The kidnappers “were just too happy to have a little Jew on their hands,” Didier Halimi said in an interview, his first, with the French daily, Le Monde, appearing in Wednesday’s edition…

HT: Solomonia.

Pero ha habido otro ataque:

The Paris Consistory, the main Jewish religious body in the capital, said the attacks in which three young Jews were beaten up and insulted were part of a spiral of violence that must be stopped immediately.Police said attackers broke the nose of a rabbi’s son and stole a mobile phone from his friend in the first attack on Friday evening. On Saturday evening, another Jew suffered a dislocated shoulder when four youths assaulted him.

A pesar de ello, Chirac ha dicho que el Primer Ministro Judío no es bienvenido en París, hasta que no explique la llamada de Sharon a que los judíos dejaran Francia. UPDATE/ACTUALIZACIÓN: Bueno, pues el artículo ha desaparecido. Hasta esta tarde aparecía lo que he anotado… ¿Qué habrá pasado?

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