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Un informe de escolares en Holanda da escalofríos

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 7/marzo/2006

Un pequeño mensaje en el periódico local (Amsterdam):

Teachers of the Mozaiek elementary school are very concerned about the radicalization of their pupils. Mohammed B. [Bouyeri :The killer of Van Gogh] is revered as a hero, when Hirsi Ali is shown on school TV they mimic ‘shooting’ movements. When they visited the Anne Frank House pupils said “they deserved it” and “They should have killed more Jews”.

The radical behavior is not new. The teachers of the Christian elementary school say they ask for years now attention to this problem. Teacher Marlene van den Berg: “After the September 11 attacks, they made a St. Nicolas [children feast where presents are packet in self made creative wrappings] surprise of the WTC towers, complete with flames and falling people. We started the dialog: What do you mean, why do you do this? Then you get a ruthless answer: They deserved it, they had to do it a long time ago”,

The radicalism dates according to Berg from before September 11. “It varies each year. Ten years ago we hearth in group 7 and 8 [age around 10-11 years old] pupil’s say: “We Moroccans take over the Netherlands”. Now we see pupil’s in-group 3 [age around 5 years old] – who can barely write – already write phonetically ‘Fuck you Netherlands’ on small papers. Pupils in-group 8 have a photo of Mohammed B. [Killer of Theo van Gogh] in their schoolbag, they seem him as their hero.

The worries of the teachers are also shared by education alderman Lieke Thesingh of the city department Oud-Zuid [old-south]. She warned burgomaster Cohen about it. “He turned pale” says Thesingh on a special neighborhood evening in the Diamand neighborhood [where Moroccans youth drove a Dutch family out of their home, but Cohen denied that their was a problem, to suggest later that the Dutch family was racist] where the teachers of the Mozaiek school told their story again.

The municipality administration knows about the problems, confirm sources on city hall. The problems are also on two other schools, which are not named. Recently safety civil servants of burgomaster Cohen have investigated the reports of the teachers. That showed who influenced the youth. They call the signs alarming.

Veneran al asesino de Theo Van Gogh, consideran que los asesinados en el 11/S se lo merecían, también se lo merecían los judíos y “deberían [los nazis] haber matado más”. Antes eran niños de 8/9 años los que decían “Marruecos conquistará Holanda”, ahora niños de 3 años escriben como les suena “que se joda Holanda”. Hmm, maravilloso, menudo educación para el futuro. No me extraña que este país esté tan callado.
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  1. AMDG said

    Realmente increíble, en Holanda puede servirse un drama cualquier momento.

  2. Franze said

    El gobierno holandés podria deportar a algunos de esos tipejos, saludos

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