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Irán: queremos la energía nuclear para fines pacíficos…

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 6/marzo/2006

…pero realmente queremos fabricar la bomba atómica y hemos puesto los medios para ello. Esto es lo que ha venido a decir, Hassan Rowani, jefe del grupo iraní de negociación con el grupo EU3 (Francia, Alemania y Reino Unido) .

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, in a speech to the nation’s leading Islamic clerics and academics, has admitted what many in U.S. intelligence have been saying all along – namely, Tehran duped the West on its nuclear program by continuing its development while using diplomatic talks to lull the Europeans into inaction.

Hassan Rowhani led talks with the EU3 – Germany, France and the UK – until last year and part of his job, reports the London Telegraph, was to play for time after Iran’s nuclear program was exposed by dissidents in 2002.

At the closed meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Rowhani boasted that during talks to forestall Iran’s nuclear program, which intelligence sources in the U.S. saw as part of an effort to build nuclear weapons, Tehran completed the installation of equipment needed to convert yellowcake at its Isfahan plant. The Europeans, he said, were convinced nothing was occurring at the plant.

«From the outset, the Americans kept telling the Europeans, ‘The Iranians are lying and deceiving you and they have not told you everything.’ The Europeans used to respond, ‘We trust them’,» he said.

Rowhani’s frankness, it appears, was motivated by internal criticisms from hardliners that he had negotiated away too much in recent talks with the Europeans. His comments, published in a journal available to the regime’s elite, seem designed to defend his performance.

«When we were negotiating with the Europeans in Teheran we were still installing some of the equipment at the Isfahan site,» he said. «There was plenty of work to be done to complete the site and finish the work there. In reality, by creating a tame situation, we could finish Isfahan.»

Mientras que las conversaciones tenían lugar, hicieron las convenientes modificaciones para que la central nuclear de Isfahan pueda efectivamente producir armas nucleares, pues. Lo mejor es que el sr. Rossani dice: los americanos no se fiaban de nosotros, y los europeos decían «confiamos en ellos». Hmm, otra vez se ríen de Europa.

Iran Press Service señala lo siguiente:

”We need time in order to put into practice our potentials. The day we can master full nuclear cycle, the world would face a fait accompli. The world did not want Pakistan to have [an] atomic bomb or Brazil to possess full nuclear cycle. But both achieved their goals and the world accepted [it]. Our problem is that we have achieved neither, even though we are not that far.”

Estas palabras son de el Ayatolá Hasan Rohwani, antiguo secretario general del Consejo Supremo de la Seguridad Nacional de Irán.
Sin embargo, a día de hoy, sólo el diario The Telegraph se ha hecho eco de esta noticia. Como dice Michelle Malkin, siguen, a pesar de estas declaraciones centrándose en el informe de la IAEA que no es contradictorio :
In the Current Overall Assessment section, ElBaradei writes that even after three years of intensive Agency verification, the IAEA still cannot conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran.
«No puede concluir que no hay materiales o actividades nucleares sin declarar en Irán». Pues ya lo saben que si no las hay, pronto las habrá. Pero, todos traquilos, tienen el permiso de Alá para tilizar la bomba… Así que  Ahmadenijad vuelve a repetir que no cederán en sus pretensiones cualquiera que sea la decisión de la AIEA .
Eso sí, en el blog CDR Salamander me encuentro con esta noticia :
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have taken the extraordinary step of cutting down thousands of trees in Teheran to prevent United Nations inspectors from finding traces of enriched uranium from a top-secret nuclear plant. (más aquí).
Iran has launched a missile designed to have a range of 4,000 kilometers.Western intelligence sources said the Defense Ministry presided over the launch of an intermediate-range missile in January 2006. The sources said the launch was the first of what they termed a Shihab-4 ballistic missile based on a Soviet-origin platform. (también aquí)
Y si no hay misiles, siempre quedan los terroristas suicidas: se han localizado al menos 20 campos de entrenamiento , cuya dirección corresponde al Cuerpo de la Guardia Revolucionaria Islámica. Y añade:
“The Qods Force (en la imagen, su símbolo) has an extensive network that uses the facilities of Iranian embassies or cultural and economic missions or a number of religious institutions such as the Islamic Communications and Culture Organisation to recruit radical Islamists in Muslim countries or among the Muslims living in the West. After going through preliminary training and security checks in those countries, the recruits are then sent to Iran via third countries and end up in one of the Qods Force training camps”, the officer said.
Así que no extraña que John Bolton en una entrevista que mi compañera Pamela aka Atlas en IBA pudo hacerle el otro día, dijera lo siguiente:
Atlas: I think we’ve moved too slowly and they’ve gotten too far. It is frightening to me  because Israel is such a small country, it would just take one,  to get one off
JB: yeah
Atlas: One
JB: Well, the president has used this phrase enough times, I don’t know if he ever used it in a speech, but he talks about his concern about  a Nuclear Holocaust — that’s his phrase.
Atlas: He’s right
JB: He’s got Iran specifically in mind. That’s why I am confident over time at the State Department, the President knows what he needs to do.
Atlas: You’re clear on that.
JB: Yeah, he’s got that, he’s got North Korea which he calls a prison camp. He said to Kofi Anna last September – it’s a disgrace that during our administrations this regime still keeps its entire population in a prison camp — which Kofi didn’t know what to say. There are things he’s gott  in his mind that are very clearly fixed.
Afirma que se ha ido muy despacio y que puede haber un holocausto nuclear, en palabras del propio Bush…Pero lo mejor es que le dijo a Koffi que era una desgracia que durante sus gobiernos el régimen de Corea del Norte tenga a toda su población en un campo de prisioneros, a lo que Koffi no sabía que responder…. Je, je,je…
(Se han hecho eco de la entrevista, además de IBA, Scrutator, Solomonia, Vital Perspective , entre otros).
Y los expertos señalan que es necesario imponer sanciones ( The Counterterrorism Blog señala que es urgente imponerlas):
They argue that a debate at the UN Security Council on the Iran crisis is unlikely to lead to effective sanctions and say that a Russian proposal to end the standoff also appears doomed. The trouble is that all of the steps that have been taken so far don’t seem likely to produce an acceptable outcome,» Gareth Evans, Australia’s former foreign minister and current head of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group (ICG), an independent think tank, said.
Mmm, Rusia. No he encontrado nada sobre este particular en ningún medio ruso de lengua inglesa de los que he consultado. Lo que sí parece es que Porter Goss, el Jefe de la CIA, pidió «ayuda política, logística y de inteligencia» a… Turquía  en caso de un improbable -pero no imposible- ataque a Irán. Aclara el artículo que la OTAN podría ayudar a USA en ese supuesto.
Y mientras las ejecuciones continuan:
Otras que son poco humanitarias
Y otras que son bastante lógicas según su mentalidad, pero sorprendentes desde la nuestra:
A varias chicas se les impidió entrar al estadio para ver jugar al equipo nacional iraní . (en la foto, las chicas protestan llevando un cartel en el que pone: Queremos ver el partido de nuestro equipo nacional, en persa).
Pero es que Ahmadenijad cree que pronto el Islam será dueño del mundo :
Islam will soon be the domineering force in the world , placing first in the number of its followers among all other religions. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed this confidence here at the end of his state visit to Malaysia.

Following a meeting with Sultan Jamalullail I, the supreme head of the federation of nine states where Islam was proclaimed the state religion, he pontificated: “The world will be in the hands of Islam over the next few years.”

Lo que parece que es el objetivo de Irán también: vencer a Occidente por medio del Islam :
Tehran, Iran, Mar. 04 – A representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran University declared on Friday that Islam must “conquer the world” by defeating the West. Hojjatol-Islam Alireza Panahyan, who was delivering the pre-sermon speech at this week’s Friday prayers in the Iranian capital, said that the West was trying to put fear into the hearts of Muslims through “torture and nuclear weapons”.“We intend to conquer the world without [nuclear] weapons. Such weapons are not needed to set the stage for the return of the [Shiite messiah] Mahdi”, Panahyan said.
Gates of Viena tiene también un interesante post sobre el asunto.
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