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Demandan a un banco francés “Crédit Lyonnais” por su presunta ayuda al terrorismo

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 2/marzo/2006

American victims of 13 terror attacks that took place in Israel have filed suit against a French bank that was used to funnel money to Hamas.
The suit alleges that over the course of three years during a period of mounting suicide bombings in Israel, the French bank, Credit Lyonnais, failed to quickly cut ties with a fundraising organization of Hamas.
The lawsuit was filed last week in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, where a judge is scheduled to hear arguments next week in a similar case against a British bank filed by the same lawyer.
(…) Credit Lyonnais claims to have closed down the accounts in September 2003, three years after it first noticed “unusual activity” in the account in question, according to a press release by Credit Agricole, which has since acquired Credit Lyonnais.

HT: E-nough.

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