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Irak: los espías alemanes siguen dando guerra

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 28/febrero/2006

De la revista alemana :

Der Autor des Artikels, der MilitärexperteMichael R. Gordon, zitierte bei einer Pressekonferenz lange Passagen aus einem Bericht des «Joint Forces Command», einer der Befehlsstellen der verschiedenen US-Armeeeinheiten. Diesem Bericht sollen die Informationen über die Weitergabe irakischer Verteidigungspläne durch deutsche BND-Agenten an US-Geheimdienste entstammen. Der ARD-Korrespondent in Washington, Arnd Henze, die ihm ausfährlich vorgetragenen Passagen hätten authentisch geklungen. Sprachduktus und verwendete Abkürzungen weisen offenbar auf die tatsächliche Existenz eines solchen Militärberichts hin.

y del New York Times.

Two German intelligence agents in Baghdad obtained a copy of Saddam Hussein’s plan to defend the Iraqi capital, which a German official passed on to American commanders a month before the invasion, according to a classified study by the United States military.
In providing the Iraqi document, German intelligence officials offered more significant assistance to the United States than their government has publicly acknowledged. The plan gave the American military an extraordinary window into Iraq’s top-level deliberations, including where and how Mr. Hussein planned to deploy his most loyal troops.
The German role is not the only instance in which nations that publicly cautioned against the war privately facilitated it. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, for example, provided more help than they have disclosed. Egypt gave access for refueling planes, while Saudi Arabia allowed American special operations forces to initiate attacks from its territory, United States military officials say.
But the German government was an especially vociferous critic of the Bush administration’s decision to use military force to topple Mr. Hussein. While the German government has said that it had intelligence agents in Baghdad during the war, it has insisted it provided only limited help to the United States-led coalition.
[…] The prelude to the Iraq war was a period of intense strain in German-American relations. In his 2002 political campaign, Gerhard Schröder, then the German chancellor, warned against an invasion and vowed that Germany would not participate. President Bush declined to make the customary congratulatory phone call to Mr. Schröder when he won re-election that September. Annoyed by the antiwar stances of Germany and France, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld offended the two nations by labeling them «old Europe» shortly before the war in March 2003.
The classified study contains a copy of the sketch supplied by the Germans. «The overlay was provided to the Germans by one of their sources in Baghdad (identity of the German sources unknown),» the study notes. «When the bombs started falling, the agents ceased ops and went to the French Embassy.«

También lo trata Davids Medienkritik.

El plano del que se habla es este:

En él Saddam habÃa señalado cómo se iba a defender de la Fuerza Conjunta Aliada.Por otro lado, curioso que se refugiaran en la embajada francesa.Post relacionado: el caso de los espÃas alemanes en Irak y la rehén Osthoff.

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