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En Italia los «theo-cons» se manifiestan contra el peligro islamista

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 26/febrero/2006

ROME: Senior politicians in Italy’s government launched a policy manifesto on Thursday vowing to protect Western civilization from what they said were the twin threats of Islamic fundamentalism and a moral vacuum.Marcello Pera, speaker of the Senate and a friend of Pope Benedict, said people in the West were ashamed to stand up for their values and often blamed themselves for being victims of terrorism. «The West has difficulty recognizing itself,» Pera told a news conference to launch the manifesto. «As Pope Benedict said: ‘the West doesn’t love itself any more’,» he said.

The document, entitled «For the West, Force of Civilization», begins: «The West is in crisis. Attacked externally by fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism, it is not able to rise to the challenge. Undermined internally by a moral and spiritual crisis, it can’t seem to find the courage to react.»

(via Atlas Shrugs)

El Manifiesto, via Tocqueville, lo podeis encontrar aquí (en italiano). FERBLOG lo tiene traducido al español.

(Recordad la manfestación del próximo sábado a las 12:30 en el Monumento a la Constitución de Madrid)

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