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Otra de Yahoo

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 25/febrero/2006

Yahoo ha prohibido cualquier nombre que lleve Allah, por lo que si te llamas Callahan no puedes poner tu nombre ni en el e-mail, ni tampoco dentro del campo «Nombre»…

Noticia de NewsBusters a través de Custos Fidei.


Pepe has provided this link to a story in the Register that says that Yahoo, in fact, unbanned «Allah» after this story got out. According to Yahoo, «‘Allah’ was one word being used for [hateful] purposes, with instances tied to defamatory language.» Therefore, Yahoo banned the word themselves and not, it appears, at the behest of the mad mullahs of Andrew Sullivan’s nightmares. Still, at the time of Sullivan’s post, his research would have confirmed Callahan’s story. Correction noted. The assumption that Yahoo’s decision was indicative of some world-wide conspiracy to placate Islamic fundamentalists was, alas, his own leap of «faith.»

via Parenthetical remarks. HT: La Ventanita.

Gracias por la colaboración de Turpille

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Turquía primero exige a Dinamarca que se disculpe y luego retira la exigencia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 25/febrero/2006

¿La razón? Hmm, la entrada en la UE:

Turkey demands official Danish apology for the Muhammed cartoons. Jens Rohde, the political spokesman for the ruling Liberal Party thinks the demand hurts Turkey’s chances of EU membership.

The Danish government must distance itself from the Muhammed cartoons published in Jyllands-Posten and make an apology. Otherwise, no bridge-building with the Islamic world is possible, says the official spokesman of the Turkish Foreign Ministry followingthe European Unions’ request for Turkey to act as a mediator.

«The Danish government ought quickly to announce that Denmark does not accept denigration of the Prophet Muhammed such as the cartoons in Jyllands-Posten gives voice to. Denmark should apologize for what’s happened and make it clear that the Danish government wants nothing to do with the cartoons.» So says Namik Tan, official spokesman of Abdullah Gül, foreign minister of Turkey.

He underlines that in the opinion of the Turkish government the cartoons have nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.

«This issue is not about Freedom of Speech. This is no different than if these cartoons had anti-semitic content. If Denmark persists in insisting that this is about Freedom of Speech, it will be very difficult to proceed,» Tan is quoted as saying.

Long way to the EU

The spokesman of the Liberal ruling party, Jens Rohde, condemns the statement, saying that this will only make it more difficult for Turkey to act as a mediator and it will not be helpful if they want to be accepted into the EU.

También lo ha recogido The Brussels Journal.

Eso sí, después se «arrepintieron» y retiraron esta exigencia.

Rasmussen volvió a defender a su país en esta crisis (la peor desde la IIGM para su país:

«In Denmark, the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are not up for negotiation,» he said during his weekly media briefing.

Mientras varios historiadores de arte señalaron que las pinturas de Mahoma no eran ni nuevas ni raras, si no que había muchas a lo largo de la historia del arte.

(Via Gateway Pundit)


Agora recapitula sobre la cuestión y añade lo siguiente:

Later in the day, Abdullah Gül, FM of Turkey says this to a DR reporter:

He could say that: «Definitely there is a freedom press in my country. But at the same time we are not happy with these cartoons. We are not happy to see that these cartoons are insulting to others. So the freedom of press doesn’t mean that insulting to others’ identity or religion

So this man is supposed to mediate for us? That might be fine if he was the pope and anti-Danish statements weren’t leaking from his Ministry like spunk from a freshly fucked goat (no relation, I’m sure).

On with the story, the Ambassador to Denmark of Turkey on Deadline, a Danish news program, says of the Turkish position on a Danish apology:

The Turkish government does not wish to revisit this aspect of the question. And we think that we should be looking into the future, we should be trying to find ways and means to defuse the crisis and should exert all our efforts in that direction.

[…]We think that we… I think that my answer is clear. We think we should just look at the ways to defuse this crisis right now and move on in that direction. I think it is quite obvious.

Pressed by the host, the Ambassador says this:

No, I am saying that we have never made such a request. We did not make a request.

No you didn’t, the government would have known about such a request immediately. But a ‘high-ranking official’ of yours – in fact as high ranking as they get below the level of ministers – leaked that you think Denmark should apologize. And when you were confronted with this, you didn’t deny it. You did the weasel-dance. Evaded responsibility. Watching that ambassador evade the question may be the most lying show I have seen since the Clinton tapes.

También en: The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

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Ikea apoya la subyugación femenina

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 25/febrero/2006

Del blog cdr salamander:

When IKEA first approached, their excited team was impressed that an internationally-acclaimed company like IKEA was making so much effort to accommodate Muslims in its workforce. (…) The IKEA branding was added by using a navy blue coloured cloth, with a thin yellow line bordering the top of the cap and the edge of the bottom part of the hijab, finishing it off with the IKEA logo embroidered on the back.

Tomado del blog ILYS.

Creo que tampoco necesita mucho comentario…

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La cobertura de la BBC sobre el asesinato de Ilan Halimi

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 25/febrero/2006

Muy interesante este post de BBC-Biased:

I don’t take any pleasure in repeating the same stuff again and again. Trouble is the BBC keeps doing the same stuff again and again and I sort of feel obliged. So I’ll just repeat words frommy earlier postas often as need be.

If the religion of the victim is relevant to understanding the crime, then so is the religion of the perpetrator. The BBC would not dream of leaving it unmentioned when a religious or religious/political hate crime is carried out by a Jew. The BBC had no trouble sayingAsher Weisganwas Jewish, and no trouble quoting the view of a commenter that Weisgan’s murder of four Arabs was the «wild grapes produced by Israel’s extreme right.» The BBC had no trouble mentioning the Jewish skullcap worn byEden Nathan Zaadaas he killed Israeli Arabs on a bus, and no trouble reporting on his extremist political views.

Yet all that the BBC gives us about Yussef Fofana is his name.

The BBC’s longstanding reluctance to even mention that most modern European anti-Jewish violence is carried out by Muslims, let alone discuss it, has made a small but dishonourable contribution to the legitimisation and normalisation of such violence.

Anteriores posts sobre este asunto: 1, 2, 3 y 4.

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La terapia de las caricaturas

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 25/febrero/2006

Lo encontré en: Hodjas Blog.

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