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El video que Israel ha dedicado a Rusia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 22/febrero/2006

…en el que miembros de Hamas glorifican a los terroristas chechenos. Como ya sabemos,Rusia trata muy duramente a los terroristas chechenos pero quiere negociar con Hamas. Pues bien en el blog ruso Discovery Institute está la noticia (con más fotos):

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s Foreign Ministry is distributing a documents linking Hamas to the Chechen terrorists. The Hamas brochures include recruiting posters that glorify the «resistance» of Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine and other Muslim regions against the «invaders». In a recruiting CD titled «Russian Hell», a Hamas speaker praises the great achievements of the terrorists in Chechnya and urges young Muslims to join the jihad against the Russian police and military forces. Other videos distributed by Hamas show 18 year old Russian soldiers being tortured, beheaded, and crucified. The package released by the Israelis also includes posters of terror kingpins Shamil Basayev and the recently killed Arab jihadist al-Khattab. Basayev has boasted about planning the Beslan school massacre of 350 children, and is still at large.

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  1. […] Also, in 2003 and 2004, Israeli forces found Hamas posters that were distributed in West Bank cities that extolled the war being waged by Islamic militants in the Balkans, Chechnya and Kashmir. At the top was the portrait of Hamas leader Yassin alongside the portraits of bin Laden and Chechen militant leaders like Shamil Besayev, who took credit for the bloody attack on a Russian school in Beslan. (mencionados aquí) […]

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