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Por lo que somos, no por lo que hacemos

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 19/febrero/2006

De Relapsed Catholic:

Bisexual Marxist Julie Burchill writes:

“For the past five years I have wished not to be vilified as a racist, a bigot and an Islamophobe every time I had the nerve to say that certain Muslims living in Britain hate Westerners, not because of what we do – the war in Iraq, support for Israel – but because of what we are: free…”

For fear of appearing racist, many Britons suspend their normal judgments when dealing with the behavior of ethnic minorities. Not only is this totally racist in itself — pre-supposing as it does that ethnics are like children, who know not what they do and must have special dispensation to behave badly — but it also ignores the fact that the other ethnic minorities, be they Jews, Chinese or Hindus, have somehow managed to both keep their culture and fit into their chosen adopted country, without feeling the need to parade around the streets like big overgrown babies, stamping their feet and ordering fatwas when things displease them.”


“Anyway, from now on I think I’ll get just a few less accusations of racism when I point out that Muslims can be a bit, well, narrow-minded. Mind you, it’s a long hard struggle trying to make bleeding-heart liberals see sense. Especially when you live in a country where a sizable part of the print and broadcasting media are such guilt-ridden cretins when it comes to Islam that if they saw Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein sexually sharing their own grandmother, they’d swear the poor old lady asked for it.”

“Algunos musulmanes nos odian, no por lo que hacemos -la guerra de Irak, el apoyo a Israel- si no por lo que somos: libres…” “Por miedo a ser llamados racistas, muchos británicos han suspendido sus juicios normales al tratar el comprotamiento de minorías étnicas. No sólo esto es totalmente racista en sí mismo […], si no que ignora el hecho de que las demás minorías étnicas, ya sean judíos, chinos o hindúes, se las han arreglado para mantener su cultura en su país de adopción, sin sentir la necesidad de manifestarse en las calles como bebés creciditos, ordenando “fatwas” cuando las cosas no eran de su agrado”.

MIEDO: he ahí el problema…


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