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Escultura prohibida en la Bienal de Venecia

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 11/febrero/2006

Y todavía más consecuencias: prohíben una escultura en la Bienal de Venecia, ante el peligro de que los musulmanes se sintieran provocados y se incrementara el riesgo de que la ciudad fuera objetivo [vulnerable] a ataques terroristas. Pero NO por respeto, SI NO por PELIGRO. O sea, por MIEDO. (via Always on Watch)
«Sculpture banned from the Venice Biennale

«A sculpture by German artist Gregor Schneider was banned from the 51st Venice Biennale because the event’s organisers said it might be offensive to Muslims. The sculpture was a 15-metre-high cube covered in black fabric modelled after the Ka’ba in Mecca and was set to be displayed in St. Mark’s Square. A spokesman for the Venetian arts authority said there was a danger that Muslims would feel provoked by the work, heightening the risk of the city being vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Schneider insisted that the artwork was not meant as a provocation. He said he wanted to symbolise a connection between European and Arab cultures. The organisers tried to place the sculpture at another site, but finally decided not to display it at all. Instead, Schneider showed a video explaining his failed attempt.»

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