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¿Qué pasa con Gran Bretaña?

Posted by Spanish Eowyn en 9/febrero/2006

De Relapsed
nos llega esta noticia que no puede decirse que diga mucho de la BBC::

“I was watching Boris Johnson’s BBC2 TV programme The Dream of Rome this evening, marvelling at his re-invention in yet another new guise as telly presenter, when I nearly fell out of my armchair having heard him say that the Christians who martyred themselves for their faith under the Romans were the equivalent of modern Islamic suicide bombers. What astounding moral illiteracy. The Christians were real martyrs; that is, they were killed, or sometimes actively sought their own killing, for their faith. The Islamic suicide bombers are mass murderers; they kill others for their faith. The Islamic suicide bombers use their bodies as lethal weapons to do mass murder. That is not martyrdom but homicide.
“Shouldn’t the Tories’ higher education spokesman know the difference?”
That this same fellow used to edit The Spectator of all things makes this particularly disheartening… If we can’t count self-proclaimed conservatives to know a little something about history, and about the dangers of glib cultural relativsm, where are we to look?

Pero es lo que bueno es que Boris Johnson (en la imagen) es una de las principales bazas de los conservadores ingleses. Aquí podeis encontrar su curriculum.

Informábamos hace poco de la manifestación que había tenido lugar en Londres en las que se llamaba a la matanza y el exterminio de los que “insultaran” o “calumniaran” al Islam y amenazando con el 11-S. Relacionado con la manifestación, A Western Heart tiene un post al respecto (noticia de The Telegraph):

Scotland Yard said a decision not to arrest protesters was taken because of public order fears. It confirmed that police had received more than 100 complaints from the public about the protesters’ behaviour.

On Friday 500 demonstrators marched from Regent’s Park Mosque to the Danish embassy in Knightsbridge to protest at the publication of “blasphemous” cartoons in a Danish newspaper, and subsequently in other countries and on the BBC. Yesterday, more than 1,000 demonstrators staged a second protest outside the embassy. The only arrests made were of two men found carrying cartoons of Mohammed. Police said they had been detained “to prevent a breach of the peace”. On Friday police provided a motorcycle and helicopter escort for the protesters. Video cameras recorded the events.

The Tory call for action is in stark contrast to the response from Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, who blamed foreign newspapers for stirring up the row by publishing the cartoons. He said: “Re-publication of the cartoons has been unnecessary, it has been insensitive, it has been disrespectful and it has been wrong.” But the Tories defended the right of editors to publish them. Dominic Grieve, the shadow attorney general, said: “From what we know about the cartoons it is understandable that they have caused offence. “However, the decision as to whether to publish or not is one of taste and decency that should rightly be taken by newspaper editors, broadcasters and their owners and is not one for government….

As the clamour for action grew, police sources said there were no arrests on Friday because of fears of a riot. A senior Scotland Yard officer said: “We have to take the overall nature of the protesters into account. If they are overheated and emotional we don’t go in…..

¡¡¡No se detuvo a los manifestantes pero sí a dos que llevaban unas caricaturas de Mahoma, porque podía haber una “ruptura de la paz”!!! Y no detuvieron a los de la manifestación, ¡¡¡porque tenían miedo de que se produjera un disturbio!!! Me quedo anonadada…

Este mismo blog también habla de distintas opiniones sobre las caricaturas:

Denmark’s role in pioneering and promoting “alternative” energy technology would for conspiracy theorists be an additional motive for Saudi bullying (lots of Danish electricity demand is supplied by wind energy).

Así que además de la razón de Irán puede haber algo más. Puede ser que se hayan dado cuenta de que en poco tiempo puede ser historia la energía procedente del petróleo (hasta Francia se ha dado cuenta… -al final de este enlace)

Note that South Park has portrayed Mohammed in it’s episode Super Best Friends recently. South Park has been accused of defiling the “virgin” Mary as recently as December 2005 but there have been no burnings of US embassies by outraged Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans.

South Park ha catalogado a Mahoma en su episodio Super Best Friends y, sin embargo, profana a la Viergen María. Otros como El Jueves.

British police need political authorization to act against Muslim lawbreakers: “Protesters who carried placards at the weekend demonstrations in London calling for the beheading of people who insulted Islam, and who shouted terrorist slogans, could be prosecuted for incitement to murder, government sources said yesterday. Charles Clarke, Downing Street and other ministers sent out strong signals to the police and prosecuting authorities to take appropriate action against the demonstrators. Ministers and opposition politicians refrained from joining criticism of the police for failing to arrest people on the spot in the protests at the Danish cartoons. But, while insisting that they would not interfere with the operational independence of the police, they left the authorities in no doubt that they expected action to be taken”.

Y aquí se nos dice que la policía británica, no sólo arresta a pacíficos viandantes, si no que además necesita autorización política para actuar contra los infractores musulmanes…

Keith Burgess Jackson comments on Childish Leftists : “I got to wondering what leftist intellectuals think about the violence being perpetrated by Muslims in various parts of the world. After all, leftists profess to care about people. Won’t they condemn it in no uncertain terms? Brian Leiter has five guest-bloggers, any one of whom could post something about the violence. Alas, nobody has. William Edmundson, Ph.D., J.D., has a really neat post about the Super Bowl and beer. I went to Crooked Timber. I found only one post, and I don’t know what to make of it. I read the hundred or so comments. Perhaps I’m not getting it, but most of the commenters seem to think the violence is funny. Either that or they’re using humor to evade responsibility. Many leftists don’t know what to make of the Muslim violence. To condemn it would be to take a stand, and that seems so, well, grown-up and old-fashioned. The violence can’t be blamed on President Bush, or you can be sure the Left would be all over this issue. Leftists hate Christianity, since they view it as an oppressor religion, but they refuse to say anything even remotely critical about Islam or Muslims, perhaps because that would make them (the critics) seem imperialistic. Better to joke about the violence. Better to retreat into irony and sarcasm. To take a stand would require careful thought and moral backbone, neither of which is conspicuous by its presence among leftists.[…]

Como veis, los “progres” son iguales en todos los sitios. Los bloggers progres prácticamente no han posteado nada sobre el tema y los comentarios que la gente deja parecen calificar a la violencia como “divertida”. No se le puede echarle la culpa a Bush y los progres odian al Cristianismo, porque lo ven como una religión opresora, pero no quieren decir nada que sea remotamente crítico con el Islam o los muuslmanes porque eso les parece imperialista.

Newslinker asks: Why isn’t anyone talking about what Islamists did to images of Budda back in 2001? No Buddhists firebombed or beheaded people in retaliation of the desecration of images of their guru? FLASHBACK from March 2001: “Ignoring an international outcry, Afghanistan’s puritanical Taliban Islamic militia began demolishing statues across the country on Thursday, including two towering ancient stone Buddhas”.

Y se pregunta por qué nadie se acuerda de la destrucción de los Budas de Afganistán por los talibanes. Ningún budista puso bombas o cortó la cabeza en venganza por su destrucción.

Chris Brand hace referencia a otra noticia aparecida en The Guardian:

{An imam at the Omari Mosque in Gaza City told 9,000 worshippers that the people behind the drawings should have their heads cut off. ‘If they want a war of religions, we are ready,’ Hassan Sharaf, an imam in Nablus, said in his sermon. In Ramallah, protesters burnt a Danish flag, chanting: ‘Bin Laden our beloved, Denmark must be blown up.’ 6th February brought Muslim-on-Muslim killing as Afghan police fired on crowds of thousands of enraged religionists, of whom four died.}

{The Muslim protests were highly ironical, partly in using so much violence to contest their religion being portrayed as violent, and partly because Islam is a clear world leader in violence against other faiths – having from 1998 to 2003 killed 10,000 Christians in Indonesia alone and destroyed ancient Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan.}

Recomiendo leer un artículo de ABC sobre la cuestión.

Un periódico australiano también ha publicado las caricaturas (via Australian Politics):

Premier Peter Beattie has strongly supported freedom of speech after a second Queensland newspaper published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin today joined Brisbane’s Courier-Mail in publishing one of 12 cartoons first printed in Denmark and which have sparked a violent backlash across the Muslim world. Any depiction of Mohammed is considered blasphemous and banned in Arab countries, although not in some non-Arab Islamic countries. But Mr Beattie said he felt strongly about freedom of the press in Australia. “I strongly support their right to publish these cartoons,” Mr Beattie said. “For someone who is committed to multiculturalism, I just say to our Muslim community with whom I have a good relationship, that our way, the Australian way is the right to freedom of expression and the right to be critical in a cynical way and that is the strength of our democracy. “Nobody is off limits. I am not off limits. Jesus Christ is not off limits. No one’s off limits and we all know that.” Mr Beattie, himself the subject of many a cartoonist’s barbed hand, said he had often seen anti-Christian depictions printed in the press.

Y el Premier Peter Beattie ha apoyado la libertad de expresión después de que un segundo periódico de Queensland publicara las caricaturas del Profeta Mahoma. “Apoyo fuertemente su derecho a publicar las caricaturas. Para alguien que está comprometido con el multiculturalismo, digo a nuestra comunidad musulmana con la que tengo muy buena relación que nuestra forma, la forma australiana es que el derecho a la libertad de expresión y el derecho a ser crítico de una manera cínica es la fortaleza de la democracia”.

Y lo dice un defensor del multiculturalismo. Las vueltas que da la vida. ¡Qué diferencia con Moratinos!

El ministro de Exteriores, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, ha afirmado lo “necesaria y urgente” que es la aplicación de la Alianza de Civilizaciones durante la sesión de control al Gobierno en el pleno del Senado, en respuesta a una pregunta del senador socialista José Castro Rabadán, sobre la valoración del Ejecutivo de la reunión del grupo de alto nivel de la denominada “Alianza de las Civilizaciones” celebrada en Mallorca el pasado mes de noviembre.
El titular de Asuntos Exteriores ha comentado que “estos días estamos viviendo una crisis importante de entendimiento y comprensión entre el mundo occidental y el mundo árabe musulmán”, y por ello “hoy más que nunca se hace necesaria y urgente la aplicación de la Alianza de Civilizaciones” propuesta por el presidente del Gobierno, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, ante la Asamblea General de la ONU. Ha señalado que este año se producirán tres nuevas reuniones formales de alto nivel –la próxima, en Qatar entre el 26 y el 28 de febrero– y habrá otros encuentros “sectoriales”, incluida una propuesta de la Presidencia austriaca de la UE para que se celebre en Viena una reunión sobre la situación del diálogo de civilizaciones en Europa.

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  1. AMDG said

    Otro reportaje de los tuyos de los que quitan el aliento…

    Creo que los laboristas van a caer en las próximas elecciones, pero a lo que se ve los cons no son mejores. De pena. Aunque creo que los británicos no se van a dejar comer la moral.

  2. El problema es lo que ya dije: con tantos paños calientes no impiden comportamientos radicales, como consecuencia, la otra parte piensa ¿por qué no voy a ser yo también radical si total les sale gratis…? Y eso es una bola de nieve cada vez más peligrosa. Si no se actúa con firmeza desde el principio, el tiempo se agota…

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    Los relativistas estan autodestruyendo Occidente, si siguen asi, no hara falta guerra, sera todo un paseo militar, son suicidas nihilistas!!

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